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My name is Ashley Elizabeth Willis, and I am a Shamanic facilitator in the Northeastern European tradition and yogi. My influence and background has strong connections with other cultures as well. I am a facilitator, and offer guidance through shamanic activities and yoga to provide healing. I am a Florida and St. Petersburg native, and have been working with yoga and shamanism more intensively for the past few years. I have completed training with Northern European Shaman. I am continuing my studies through Michael Harner's school The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. In addition i have recentely completed the second level of Reiki after much training and will be moving forward with that as well.


   I have always felt a strong affinity for this type of work, starting with my own experiences of shamanic illness, which have empowered me to follow this difficult path. Ever since childhood I have felt the calling by Spirit in many different ways, and so this has been a natural extension of my life skills, development, and interests. I love helping people to heal, as I also receive healing from this kind of work myself. I have quite a lot of past knowledge of different spiritual modalities and experiences that have prepared me for furthering my pathway in healing and facilitating other people to find their own medicine. I am a certified 200hr RYT through Awaken 2 Yoga. I love nature and feel that this is where my power and strength comes from. I am simply a vessel for Spirit to work through. I want to share the ancient practice of Shamanism and Yoga with everyone. 


I offer a variety of Yoga services from private lessons to classes at different locations in the Tampa Bay area. I specialize in Hatha Yoga. I infuse chakra work, crystals, and essential oils into my classes as well. I offer a unique style Yoga called Shamanic Yoga which involves tribal movements connecting with the elements, free flowing ending with a shamanic journey guided by the sound of the Siberian drum. I host chakra workshops as well.


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Shamanic Journeying

During private or group Shamanic Journeys we travel through the World Tree to the Lower, Middle and Upper worlds. Allowing the sound of the drum to guide you to and altered state of conciousness. Meeting our power animals, higher guides and finding healing answers for yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healings involves removing energy blockages in order to heal. Clearing trauma, attachments and physical ailments.  This could be considered a energetic surgery. Using Spirit to guide me I also give an intuitive reading  relating to the individual and what remedies would be beneficial for healing these specific issues.

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          House                Cleansings

This involves energentically cleansing, clearing and blessing homes, offices etc. 

Sometimes there may be entities that are need of removal. 


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Events & Classes
Upcoming Events

Special Events:                                   Ongoing Classes:


3/14 Shamanic Journeying Workshop

11:00AM-1:00PM The Sadana Center


3/15 Sacral Chakra Workshop

4:00-5:30PM The Studieaux                                                             

3/20 Shamanic Yoga

6:30-8:00PM The Studieaux

3/22 Reiki Yoga (time coming soon) 

The Studieaux

(For more info see Events page or Contact)                                      


             Gentle Hatha  

10:30-11:45AM Hotel Detroit Yoga Lounge

           Spirit Of Ash Hatha

7:15-8:30PM The Studieaux


          Spirit Of Ash Hatha

6:30-7:30PM The Studieaux

The Ash Tree is often called the "World Tree", referring to the mythic tree at the center of the world, described in many cultural myths worldwide. In Norse mythology, it is called Yggdrasil and is believed to be the center of everything in every dimension. In Celtic Mythology, Ash was the tree of enchantment and magic. Ash trees carry what are known keys, their winged fruit. However they can function as spiritual Keys as well-keys that open doors into increased consciousness and other dimensions of love and suport."

Sharlyn Hidalgo, The Healing Power of Trees



Please feel free to contact me by E-mail. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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